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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked a lot!

What's the difference between Maximum and Premium Preworkout?

We like to think of Premium as your daily performance fuel. Some of us even use it as an energy drink replacement. It's the perfect energizing pick me up with over 11 ingredients designed to give your mind and body an extra edge.

Maximum is the product we take on heavy lifting days or when we really want to challenge ourselves. It's scientifically designed to let your body push itself to the limits. Maximum has higher doses of the most important ingredients and a few additional ingredients like ElevATP and Oxystorm red spinach extract that take preworkouts to the next level.

For optimal athletic performance prior to and during sports competition we recommend a half dose of Maximum.

How many stick packs equal a full dose?

For Premium, it's one stick pack. For Maximum, it's two stick packs.

Which preworkout is best for women?

Most women prefer our Premium Pre-Workout and especially enjoy the Tropical flavor. The Premium pre-workout is a more moderate dosage and the perfect place to get started. At the same time, plenty of women have enjoyed our more intense Maximum Pre-Workout as well, especially those who like to push themselves to the limit.

Which product is best for athletes?

We encourage you to experiment! A lot of athletes have told us that half a serving of Maximum gives them the best edge without too much hyper focus.

When training hard in the weight room, take a full dose of Maximum. On your off days, take Premium as daily performance fule and to keep your beta-alanine and creatine levels up.

Do you have more flavors on the way?

Yes, stay tuned! You'll see at least two new flavors in 2023.

Is your pre-workout good for cardio?

For cardio workouts we recommend our Premium Pre-Workout.

Should runners take pre-workout?

Runners can benefit from taking pre-workout because of the electrolytes and endurance ingredients like beta-alanine, l-citrulline, elevATP, beet root and red spinach. Half a dose of our Maximum Pre-Workout is ideal for runners.

Is Shifted Pre-Workout Vegan Friendly?

Yes, our pre-workout products are vegan friendly. None of our ingredients are derived from animals or animal products.

Is Shifted Pre-Workout Keto Friendly?

Yes, our pre-workout products are keto friendly.

Is Shifted Pre-Workout Gluten Free?

Yes, we are 100% gluten free!

Is Shifted Pre-Workout Sugar Free?

Yes, our pre-workouts are sugar free.

Has Shifted been tested scientifically, in a lab?

Yes. Every ingredient in Shifted has been thoroughly studied in published academic literature. Additionally, Shifted is currently being studied in three active double blind peer reviewed studies. So far one of these studies has been published and you can read about it here.

Anything else you can tell me about Shifted?

Yes. Watch for us to innovate. This is more than a business to us. We want to create the products that help people thrive. We're glad you're here with us for the ride.

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