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Cardio is hard. Really hard.

We all need cardio for maximum fitness, but you know how it goes.

Getting started can feel painful. And when you're in zone 5 or 6 and pushing yourself to your max, it can feel like death.

That's Where Shifted Comes in

Our Premium Pre-Workout helps take the pain out of cardio by:

- reducing fatigue (beta-alanine)
- improving mood (rhodiola, tyrosine)
- increasing energy (caffeine)
- improving blood flow (citrulline + nitrates)
- increasing muscular hydration (electrolytes)

Take the Pain out of Cardio

With over 14 ingredients custom dosed for sports performance and cardiovascular support, SHIFTED's Premium Pre-Workout gives you the tools you need to push harder with less pain.

Cardio enhancing ingredients include:

- Beta-alanine
- Taurine
- L-Citrulline
- Nitrates
- No jitter Caffeine
- Rhodiola rosea
- L-Tyrosine
- Theanine
- Alpha GPC
- Electrolytes (sodium, potassium)

Thousands of Cardio Fans Agree

We've sold SHIFTED Premium to thousands of cardio enthusiasts and have heard from people who use SHIFTED for all kinds of cardio activities including:

- Rowing
- Elliptical
- Treadmill
- Stair Stepper
- Spinning
- Running

Formulated by Experts

Shifted's Pre-Workout products are formulated by real academic researchers who study the latest in pre-workout ingredients. We only include ingredients proven to work in peer reviewed research papers.

Adam Gonzalez, PhD

Chief Scientifc Officer

What The Ingredients do

If you're curious about what each of the ingredients does to improve cardio workouts, look no further. Below, we go into detail about the cardiovascular impact of each pre-workout ingredient in our Premium Pre-Workout product.


Regular supplementation with beta-alanine can increase muscle carnosine concentrations by 20-80%. This in turns acts as a buffer against fatigue.


Nitrates allow for nitric oxide production via the nitrate pathway. This increases blood flow and improves muscular performance and power output


Amino acid that supports nitric oxide production through the arginine-nitric oxide pathway. It improves muscular function and decreases fatigue by increasing blood flow.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen native to Arctic regions where endurance is critical. It makes hard training sessions more tolerable and enjoyable, delays fatigue and boosts performance.


Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps replenish neurotransmitters. It helps give you that feeling that you can conquer anything with enough drive.


Electrolytes are essential to almost every cellular process. Keeping electrolyte levels up during cardio will help you last longer and push harder.

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