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Vegan Friendly Pre-Workout

You want a pre-workout that matches, and enhances, your vegan lifestyle.

Yet, you certainly don't want to cut any corners. You want the most potent pre-workout on the market.

You want smooth energy, killer pumps, laser focus and the ability to blast through fatigue. And you want it all with zero animal derived ingredients

We have some good news for you.

SHIFTED is 100% Vegan

Both our Maximum and Premium Pre-Workouts are:

- 100% Vegan
- Zero ingredients derived from animals
- Feature plant based performance enhancing ingredients
- Fully transparent ingredient label
- Our creatine is derived via chemical synthesis and is not an animal byproduct
- Contains natural ingredients like beet root
- Packed with healthy amino acids like L-Citrulline
- Dosed for maximum performance
- Includes vegan friendly electrolytes for hydration
- Contain natural brain boosting nootropics like rhodiola and tyrosine

Designed for Vegan Athletes

Our Premium Pre-Workout is perfect for everyday use by those following a Vegan lifestyle. Not only does it follow vegan guidelines but it actually fills in common gaps in the vegan diet (such as a lack of creatine).

It works perfectly as an energy drink or coffee replacement, but with more health benefits. Daily use helps keep your creatine and beta-alanine stores high which increases their impact.

A full dose of Maximum Pre-Workout is designed for days where you need to go all out in the weight room. Heavy lifting. New personal records.

And half a dose of Maximum is perfect for sports performance and blasting through cardio.

Both products help you push through fatigue better than anything else on the market.

Our Vegan Pre-Workout Ingredients include:

- Niacin - Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B12 - Iron - Citrulline - Creatine - Taurine - Beta-Alanine - Tyrosine - Red Spinach Leaf Extract - Beet Root Extract - Alpha-GPC - Caffeine Anhydrous - Extended release ZumXR Caffeine - Theanine - ElevATP - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - Rhodiola Rosea - CoQ10 - AstraGin - BioPerine

Thousands of Vegan Fitness Fanatics Agree

We've sold SHIFTED to thousands of fitness folks living vegan lifestyles or subscribing to vegan dietary restrictions. Our most common feedback comes along two lines:

1) wow, this stuff makes me feel amazing


2) this is the best tasting pre-workout I've ever had

Some of the vegan athletes and fitness folks who use our products have used SHIFTED to perform better at:

- Crossfit
- Obstacle Course Racing
- Basketball
- Football
- Soccer
- Powerlifting
- Bodybuilding
- Sprinting
- Long distance running

Formulated by Experts

SHIFTED's Pre-Workout products are formulated by real academic researchers who study the latest in pre-workout ingredients. We only include ingredients proven to work in peer reviewed research papers.

Adam Gonzalez, PhD

Chief Scientifc Officer

What The Ingredients do

If you're curious about what each of the ingredients do to improve performance in a vegan-friendly way in and out of the gym, keep reading. Here we go into detail about the performance impact of each vegan-friendly ingredient in our products.


The most common ingredient in pre-workout products, caffeine is there for a reason. In addition to increasing energy and focus, caffeine improves aerobic endurance, strength, muscle endurance, power, jumping performance, and speed.


Regular supplementation with beta-alanine can increase muscle carnosine concentrations by 20-80% in vegan athletes. This serves as a buffer against fatigue so you can get that last rep.


Nitrates allow for nitric oxide production via the nitrate pathway. This increases blood flow in vegan-friendly athletes and improves muscular performance and power output, helping you push harder.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid found in watermelon that supports nitric oxide production in people who follow the vegan diet. It improves muscular function in vegan athletes by increasing blood flow.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a form of choline that the body turns into acetylcholine. This enhances alertness, focus and attention. It also improves high-intensity exercise performance and has been show to increase power and strength in athletes living a vegan lifestyle.


Creatine monohydrate is one of the most beneficial supplements available for vegan athletes. It increases exercise capacity, improves body composition, enhances recovery and even may have benefits for brain health. Our creatine is 100% vegan.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen native to Arctic regions where endurance is critical. It makes hard training sessions more tolerable and enjoyable, delays fatigue and boosts performance.


Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps replenish neurotransmitters in athletes on the vegan diet. It helps give you that feeling that you can conquer anything with enough drive and effort.


Electrolytes are essential to almost every cellular process in human beings. Keeping electrolyte levels up during intense physical activity is especially important for people on the vegan diet and will help you last longer and push harder.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is a natural molecule found in beetroot. It one of the most well researched pre-workout ingredients for increasing strength and power outpout in everyone, including vegan friendly athletes.

What exactly does it mean to be Vegan?

Veganism is a type of plant-based diet that excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.

People who follow a vegan diet avoid using any animal-derived products, whether for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

Vegans do not eat any foods that come from animals, such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, and they also avoid using products that are made from animals, such as leather, wool, and honey. Instead, vegans rely on plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, for their nutritional needs.

The main motivation for following a vegan diet is typically ethical concerns for animals, but many people also choose veganism for environmental, health, and other reasons.

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