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Frequently Asked Questions about SHIFTED Hydration

Here are some questions we get asked a lot about SHIFTED Hydration!

When is the best time to take SHIFTED Hydration?

Anytime you need to fill up your electrolyte tank.

For working out, we recommend you take SHIFTED Hydration during your workout (intra-workout) because of all the essential nutrients, you deplete electrolytes (and water) the fastest while working out. Plus SHIFTED Hydration will reinvigorate you to push through more sets.

Taking SHIFTED Hydration before and after sporting events will help prevent cramping.

Taking SHIFTED Hydration before, during and after any sweaty situation will help your body stay invigorated and become get rejuvenated.

Do you have a naturally sweetened version of SHIFTED Hydration?

Our current flavors are sweetened with sucralose but in the near future we will have naturally flavored versions with Monk Fruit and Stevia.

Does SHIFTED Hydration help with skin hydration?

Yes, there is some evidence that Vitamin C which is in SHIFTED Hydration helps with skin hydration. Additionally, the skin contains approximately 32% water and water contributes to a more youthful and glowy appearance. With an optimal blend of electrolytes we can empower our skin to retain more water, improving overall skin hydration. Stay tuned for a full line of SHIFTED naturally flavored products.

How much SHIFTED Hydration should I consumer per day?

This depends entirely on how many electrolytes your body needs.

If you've been sweeting a lot working outside or going for a long hike, you might take up to 3-4 servings per day as needed.

On hot days and in warmer months you might find yourself taking 2 servings of SHIFTED Hydration per day most days. In cooler months, you may not need any, or you may only take 1 serving.

A lot depends on your activity levels and the climate.

Can you lose weight with SHIFTED Hydration?

SHIFTED Hydration can help you with weight loss because hunger often comes from cravings related to electrolytes (especially salt). If you satisfies these cravings with a low calorie product like SHIFTED Hydration, then you will avoid higher calorie salty products like potato chips or french fries.

What is the purpose of SHIFTED Hydration?

All human beings need electrolytes in their diet.

Electrolytes help everything in your body run better. From your individual cells to your muscles, electrolytes will help your body run more smoothly and you will feel more invigorated .

SHIFTED Hydration has an optimal blend of electrolytes to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance and maintain optimal fluid utilization within the body.

In addition, SHIFTED Hydration has anti-oxidants to minimize inflammation and oxidative stress.

Does SHIFTED Hydration help with hangovers?

Yes. A hangover is basically the combination of inflammation and dehydration wrecking havoc in the body. SHIFTED Hydration has ingredients to lower inflammation and to improve hydration. Because of this, SHIFTED Hydration is an excellent hangover supplement.

Is SHIFTED Hydration Vegan friendly?

Yes. SHIFTED Hydration is vegan friendly.

Is SHIFTED Hydration Keto Friendly?

Yes. In fact, people on the Keto diet or similar elimination diets would especially benefit from SHIFTED Hydration since they are often not consuming enough electrolytes in their diet.

Is SHIFTED Hydration Gluten Free?

Yes, we are 100% gluten free!

Is SHIFTED Hydration Sugar Free?

While we do not add sugars, there may be trace amounts of sugars from pomegranate juice extract and coconut water extract.

Is SHIFTED Hydration an Intra-Workout Supplement?

Yes! SHIFTED Hydration is an excellent intra-workout supplement.

There is very little that you can consume during your workout that will help you immediately other than electrolytes and water.

We recommend a workout stack that looks like this:

  1. Before workout - Shifted Pre-Workouts
  2. During workout - SHIFTED Hydration
  3. Immediately after workout - SHIFTED Recovery
  4. An hour after working out - SHIFTED WPI

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