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Frequently Asked Questions about SHIFTED Energy

Here are some questions we get asked a lot about SHIFTED Energy

Should I take one or two scoops of SHIFTED Energy?

One scoop is like a small cup of coffee and two scoops is like a big cup of coffee. If you're used to convenience store energy drinks like Bang or Monster, then you'll probably want two scoops for the full effect.

You can always start with one scoop and work your way up until you find the ideal energy. Many of our fans are very happy with 1.5 scoops. Others go as high as 3 scoops but we do not recommend that unless you have a very high caffeine tolerance!

How much SHIFTED Energy can I consume per day?

This varies from person to person based on caffeine tolerance and whether you've had other sources of caffeine sources.

Most people should not have more than 600mg of caffeine per day and we definitely don't recommend more than 1000mg.

If you have no other sources of caffeine during your day, the most SHIFTED Energy you should consume over an entire day is 6 scoops.

How is SHIFTED Energy different from SHIFTED Pre-Workouts?

SHIFTED Energy adds the ingredient L-DOPA as a nootropic mood booster and removes most of the workout ingredients from the pre-workouts that help with strength, blood flow and endurance. SHIFTED Energy is designed to provide focused energy and mood improvement.

Having said that, some people do use SHIFTED Energy as a basic pre-workout because of the caffeine.

How many flavors do you have of SHIFTED Energy?

Right now SHIFTED Energy just comes in Gummy Blast but we are expanding our flavors and will have several new ones in 2023.

Does SHIFTED Energy come in stick packs?

Not at the moment but this is in the works.

Which nootropics are included in SHIFTED Energy?

Alpha GPC for focus. L-DOPA for mood boost. L-Theanine for calmness. Rhodiola rosea for anti-fatigue. L-Tyrosine for increased cognitive performance. Taurine for increased neurogenesis.

Is SHIFTED Energy Vegan friendly?

Yes, SHIFTED Energy is Vegan friendly.

Is SHIFTED Energy Keto Friendly?

Yes, SHIFTED Energy is a very low carb caffeinated drink mix.

Is SHIFTED Energy Gluten Free?

Yes, it is!

Is SHIFTED Energy Sugar Free?

Yes, SHIFTED Energy is sugar free. We are working on a naturally sweetened version that may include small amounts of sugar but that is not out yet.

What is the best use case of SHIFTED Energy if I'm taking all of my other SHIFTED supplements?

We like to use SHIFTED Energy as an afternoon pick me up around 1 or 2pm. If you've had coffee or used our pre-workouts, then you'll want to wait a few hours before using Shifted Energy or take a much lighter dose.

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