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Dr. Hannah Cabré

SHIFTED Advisory Board Member

Hannah Cabré, PhD, RDN, CISSN

Hannah Cabré, PhD, RDN, CISSN is a postdoctoral fellow at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University specializing if female endocrinology research. She completed her doctoral degree in the Human Movement Science Curriculum with a specialization in exercise physiology, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. She attended the University of Georgia for her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and completed her masters degree in sports nutrition and exercise physiology, as well as her dietetic internship, at Florida State University.

Dr. Cabré is an exercise physiologist and a registered dietitian with 6 years of experience collecting, analyzing, and reporting exercise and nutrition outcomes (one repetition max, isometric strength, recovery, metabolism, sport supplementation, and body composition), specifically in women. Most recently, she completed her dissertation research study evaluating the effects of hormonal contraception on strength and recovery across the menstrual cycle. She received research funding from the National Strength and Conditioning Foundation, the Gatorade Sport Science Institute, and the University of North Carolina Graduate School to support her dissertation research. 

Dr. Cabré is passionate about optimizing women’s health across the lifespan through feasible nutrition and exercise interventions. She has joined the SHIFTED scientific advisory board to advocate for nutrition supplements that are uniquely formulated for women and to provide educational materials to aid women in accomplishing their specific exercise and nutrition goals. Dr. Cabré has extensive research experience and education in sports nutrition, and she understands how important nutrition supplements are for reaching specific exercise goals. She believes the formulation of SHIFTED products are scientifically backed, and she looks forward to providing guidance for future products. 

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