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"Best Tasting Pre Workout We've Tried."
—RAVE Reviews

Premium Pre Workout Single Serving Packets

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Shifted Premium Helps:

• Support Muscle Growth
• Boost Energy
• Increase Muscle Pump
• Maximize Strength
• Enhance Stamina
• Heighten Focus 
• Improve Mood

Enjoy SHIFTED Premium Pre Workout in a convenient, single-serving packet! 

Each package comes 10 packets (10 servings) worth of our premium formula pre workout. 

Don’t Let Life Slow You Down

How often do you find yourself with high stress levels and low energy? It probably sounds like your every day, right? 

Every day, you punch the clock to hit deadlines, make deals, and sign important contracts. But by the time you’re done with work, you’re exhausted. You’re so focused on work and your family that it consumes all your energy. You give your everything for others.

Well, it’s time to focus on YOU.

What good are you to your family, friends, and career if you don’t take care of your mind and body? You need to optimize your performance both in and out of the gym!

SHIFTED PREMIUM is a pre-workout supplement specifically formulated to meet the demands of the everyday athlete — those who live an active lifestyle and demand the most out of their day and workout. 

SHIFTED PREMIUM can be used as your go-to pre-workout amplifier or on non-training days to help boost energy and focus to get you through the most stressful days.

The complete all-in-one Pre Workout

By integrating four ingredient complexes into one formula, SHIFTED is the one pre workout high performers rely on for convenient, comprehensive fuel to maximize their time in the gym.


SHIFTED is all about providing supplements that actually work.
No BS, no corners being cut, no fillers, and no pseudo-science. 


Like you, we refuse to compromise, which is apparent by simply looking at our formulas. SHIFTED PREMIUM is loaded with clinically optimal ingredients that are appropriately dosed to help you achieve the results you desire.

Muscle Complex

6000mg L-Citrulline
2000mg Creatine Monohydrate
2500mg Betaine Anhydrous
1000mg Beet Root Extract

Energy Complex

250mg Caffeine Anhydrous

Stamina Complex

1000mg Taurine
2000mg Beta-Alanine
50mg Rhodiola Rosea

Focus Complex

1000mg L-Tyrosine
150mg Alpha-CPG
150mg L-Theanine

"SHIFTED Pre Workout was developed to check all the boxes."

"You would need to purchase 3 or 4 independent supplements from other companies to come close to what SHIFTED has to offer.”
Chief Scientific Officer

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