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WHy did we build this program?

We believe in our products, and so we built this program to grow the SHIFTED family, and to help more people achieve their health and fitness goals.

This program makes our products more accessible by providing discounts to referrals and strong comissions to affiliates.

And it provides an alternative income source for those who excel in salesmanship.

Who is this program for?

Who is this program for?

Side-hustlers, FItness Nuts, and Biohackers

There's two groups of people who will excel in the SHIFTED affiliate program.

1.) Fitness and health freaks who want a great bargain on their supplements, and who want the ability to give great deals to friends, family, and co-workers with a monetary incentive for doing so--it's a win-win.

2.) Those who want a side-hustle that has the potential to generate some serious income. Our products are top-tier, so you can take pride in promoting them.

If you are a fitness coach or you work at the gym, you are in the perfect environment to leverage a program like this.

These six THINGS Set the program apart

25% COmmision

When anyone purchases SHIFTED products using your affiliate link or code, you receive 25% commission.

20% Discount

As a SHIFTED affiliate you will also enjoy a 20% discount on any purchase you make as well as free shipping.

15% Referral Discount

Anyone who purchases with your affiliate link or code will also receive a 15% discount.

2 Tier Network

Receive 10% comission from the sales generated by anyone you recruit. And receive 5% comission from their recruits.

REcruitment Bonus

Get $25 for every verified affiliate that you bring into the program.

Marketing Materials

We'll help you blast your promotions with various materials and assistance.

Achieve the Diamond Tier for Insane Rewards

If you excel in our affiliate program, we will reward you. After achieving $1,000 in affiliate sales, we will upgrade your commission rate to a jaw-dropping 50%.

Why would you want to promote our brand?

There are a few things that make Shifted Supplements the best in class, but Don't take it from us.

Meet GAbby T.

Gabby works as a personal trainer at her local gym where it was common for her, her friends, and her clients to experiment with pre-workouts and fitness supplements.

"I tried every brand out there. But I found problems with every single one. You know the drill: they underdosed ingredients, or had low quality ingredients and fillers, or they were overprice."

With SHIFTED, I finally found a product that checked all my boxes. And so it was only natural that I recommend it to my friends and clients.

3 months after joining SHIFTED's affiliate program, I was making almost as much from affiliate commissions as I was from my job."

And That Sounds Great, But Do You Know What’s Even Better?

We're constantly growing our lineup of killer products. Each of our supplements represents years of research and formulation and elevates a vital aspect of human performance.

And we've got some amazing developments on the horizon.

As an affiliate, you're not limited to any one type of product. We've got something for everyone.

And WE've got the best pre workout for women hands down - THE “LEADING” WOMEN’S PRE-WORKOUTS DON’T HAVE EVEN HALF THE INGREDIENTS SHIFTED DOES.


If like our motto, you are interested in the pursuit of excellence -- why not make a little money with us along the way?

If like our motto, you are interested in the pursuit of excellence -- why not make a little money with us along the way?

See what the SHIFTED Family is Saying:

(And Here’s Another Hint - We Get A Lot Of Repeat Buyers - Because People Love What We’re Doing)
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