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Relief: All Natural Joint Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory

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We partnered with Dr. Eric Young, MD a medical doctor who specializes in joint and pain management, to develop an all-natural, non-addictive pain relief supplement that is potent enough to make a real difference.

Under his instruction, we formulated a potent and effective all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement that's perfect for addressing joint pain, arthritis and inflammation issues.

Why Try SHIFTED Relief?

Similar products deliver suboptimal doseages of tart cherry and inferior quality tumeric. We deliver a high-potency, clinically effective dose of chart terry paired with the purest form of Tumeric, which delivers the gold standard in curcuminoid potency.

Standout features: 

  • 700mg Tart Cherry Extract (Clinically effective dose)
  • 500mg Tumeric Extract (95% pure curcuminoids)
  • 5mg Bioperine, Black Pepper Extract (Antioxidant that increases the bioavailability of curcuminoids)


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