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New Scientific Study of SHIFTED Pre-Workout's Performance Benefits

New Scientific Study of SHIFTED Pre-Workout's Performance Benefits

By Dr. Adam M. Gonzalez
SHIFTED’s Chief Scientific Officer


At SHIFTED, we firmly believe that our pre-workout formula stands head and shoulders above the rest, delivering unparalleled benefits to fitness enthusiasts. We also prioritize rigorous testing to provide our loyal customers with the assurance that they are receiving high-quality, effective supplements. Today, we are excited to share a groundbreaking development that reinforces our belief in the exceptional efficacy of our product.  

We have put our Maximum Pre Workout formula to the test in a second peer-reviewed academic study.  The first scientific publication on SHIFTED Pre Workout found that a single serving improved sustained attention and reaction time along with improving levels of perceived fatigue and vigor during a cognitively demanding task.

In the newly published article, Dr. Kyle Beyer and his team investigated the effect of SHIFTED Pre Workout on performance during an upper body resistance exercise protocol in trained men and women.  This peer-reviewed scientific study reported improvements in muscle power and endurance during weight training.  Along with the performance boost, SHIFTED Pre Workout also reduce perceived exertion during resistance training – meaning the workout felt easier.  


The investigation was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover research study.  Twenty resistance-trained college-aged men (n=10) and women (n=10) participated in the study.  All participants had at least 1 year of weight-training experience, reported regular use of caffeine, and were free of any illness/medications.  

Participants reported to the research laboratory on two separate occasions separated by a 1-week washout period.  During each visit, participants consumed either SHIFTED Maximum Pre Workout or a placebo 1-hour prior to completing an upper body resistance exercise workout.  The participants and researchers were blinded to which supplement was given during each trial.

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover research design: 

SHIFTED Maximum Pre Workout:

pre workout ingredients

The resistance exercise protocol consisted of:

Strength test: An isometric-mid thigh pull on a force plate.

Bench press power protocol: 2 sets of 2 repetitions of barbell bench press at 75% 1RM with intent to produce maximum velocity. 

Strength-endurance protocol: 5 sets of barbell bench press to failure followed by 5 sets of barbell bent over row.  Both exercises were performed at 75% 1RM with 2 min of rest between sets.

Surrounding exercise, the researchers assessed:

Reaction time: A visual-cognitive reactionary test

Subjective measures: Ratings of perceived exertion


The findings indicated that a single dose of SHIFTED Maximum Pre Workout improved bench press peak power, total volume of training, and ratings of perceived exertion.  Faster reaction times were also observed during the SHIFTED Pre Workout trial when compared to the placebo trial.  Let’s look at the data: 

SHIFTED Pre Workout significantly (p=0.026) improved peak power during the bench press power protocol:

peak power protocol

SHIFTED Pre Workout significantly increased the number of repetitions performed during the strength-endurance protocol for bench press (p=0.005), bent over row (p=0.013), and total repetitions completed (p=0.003).

SHIFTED Pre Workout significantly (p=0.002) lowered ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) when participants were asked following the workout.  This means that the participants did not feel as though they had to work as hard, and the workout was perceived as being easier.  


When SHIFTED Maximum Pre Workout is taken 1 hour prior to a weight training session, it produces a performance enhancing and anti-fatiguing effect.  This was noted by a greater peak power expression and allowance for the completion of more repetitions across working sets – all while lowering perceived exertion, making the workout more enjoyable.  It is clear that the synergistic effect of the ingredients found in SHIFTED offers a performance benefit to weightlifters along with strength and power athletes.

By allowing you to increase the amount of work performed during your weight training, it easy to suggest that it would also improve the anabolic stimulus and muscular adaptations over time.  The lead author, Dr. Beyer says: “There are many multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements available on the market, but most do not have any scientific evidence to back up their claims.  Some have even shown to be ineffective.  The findings of our study show that not only did participants complete more reps during their resistance training, but it felt easier to them as well. This is the goal of anyone taking a pre-workout – do more work and feel better doing it.”

We are excited to share the scientific validation that elevates SHIFTED Maximum Pre Workout to a new level as one of the most well-researched supplements on the market.  

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Beyer, KS, Gadsden, M, Patterson-Zuber, P, & Gonzalez, AM. A single dose multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement enhances upper body resistance exercise performance. Frontiers in Nutrition. (2024).

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