About Shifted

You’re on a mission to fulfill your potential. 


You don’t rely on motivational quotes to get yourself into training mode  —  you simply show up. Because you know that your inner athlete needs to be fed, and you’re always hungry for more. 

For you, it’s about staying disciplined. When you walk into the gym, you’re on a mission to train. To sweat. To build your muscles and strengthen your resolve. Not just inside the gym, but outside of it too.

From the mental fortitude to help you conquer your 9 a.m. sales pitch to the physical stamina to chase your kids around the block. That resilience is earned.


Day by day, rep by rep — you earn every win. And we’re here to fuel you to earn even more. 


Not with pseudoscience and fancy gimmicks that overpromise and underdeliver. But with well-formulated, science-backed products designed for those who demand more from their supplements and themselves. 

And that's why we created our own.

Our line is clean and thoughtful. We partner with a sports and nutrition scientist to make sure the nutritional and performance value is second to none. We’ve created a performance fuel that will level up your training in ways you never knew you could.

Our formula is simply superior and our big scoops deliver. Our ingredients work synergistically to boost performance, enhance mental focus, and accelerate recovery. You won’t feel the jitters or shakes or get the dreaded crash that comes from many supplements on the market.

We want to fuel your inner athlete and help you get the most out of your training  —  without spending four hours a day in the gym. 


Every day is an opportunity. Your potential is limitless, and we’re here to fuel it.