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Father's Day Selection

Supplements make excellent Father's Day gifts! Research indicates that maintaining fitness is one of the best strategies for aging men to decrease risk of illness, improve longevity, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality. We've chosen each supplement in this selection for its ability to support the fitness and overall wellbeing of aging men.


This formula provides all-Natural, high-powered joint-pain-relief and anti-inflammatory. It works to reduce and even prevent the aches and pains of the body with the purest and most potent curcuminoids on the market paired with the powerful anti-inflammtory power of tart-cherry extract.

Our customers have reported some tremendous results in recommending this formula to their parents.


Improves strength, endurance, and improve skeletal strength to reduce the risk of bone fractures. Also aids in preventing muscle-wasting. 

We have an unflavored creatine and a naturally-sweetened with Monk Fruit option the purest and highest quality creatine on the market


According to some studies, nearly 3 out of every 4 people is chronically dehydrated. Our hydration formula delivers 6 critical electrolytes dosed at clinically effective levels and a powerful combination of natural fruit extracts and taurine, a cellular hydration booster - everything the body needs to maintain optimal hydration (without too much sodium!).

We offer naturally sweetened electrolytes flavored with all-natural ingredients including stevia and monk fruit packaged in convenient single serving packets with 5 delicious flavors. We also offer a zero-sugar hydration formula in 30-serving tubs in 2 delicious flavors.


Our formulas ensure that workouts are more productive and that results are experienced sooner. High-stim (Maximum Formula) and medium-stim (Premium Formula) available in 5 mouth-watering flavors, as well as a No-Stim option.

All 3 are great options to help your dad crush his workouts like never before.


Choose between our naturally sweetened single serve WPI packets, or our delicious WPI tubs. Both of which deliver quality and easy-to-digest whey protein isolate, which makes hitting daily protein goals simple and delicious. This is a perfect option to help aging men maintain muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting.


This formula prevents soreness from working out while also enhancing muscle-building and repair through a combination of free-form amino acids, pure whey protein isolate, and tart-cherry extract. This recovery formula comes in 20 serving tubs, or in single serve packets (10 servings) in light and refreshing Tropical Berry flavor.


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